The Iconic

I scouted this girl.. Basically creeped her profile and fell in love with her pretty face! Sent her a dodgy sounding message via facebook and after she deliberated and stalked me back to ensure I was in fact female she accepted my offer in letting me run wild with my creative vision.

SO GLAD I sent her that creepy message because she is amazing, She was incredible in front of the camera..(Just as my eye knew she would) and I absolutely love her face. I basically managed in the space of a day to make two beautiful friends, create magic and eat chocolate disguised as diet supplements.. WINNING. 

Thanks Jade for being so chillaxed and letting me run ramped in your house. You made me feel so welcome and at home. Such a beautiful person and it absolutely relates on camera! & Thank you to the gorgeous Em from Blow Dry Bar Broadbeach for creating only what my mind had envisioned with the hair.. and for giving me total hair envy with how much bounce your god dang hair had even after you had just woke up! >.< 

Look forward to seeing both you sexy minx's again even if this time it only requires wine.