Boho Baby


My Bohemian baby shower... 

Oh what a lovely thing it is to be pregnant.. Sure you have moments where you would rather be poking your eyes out then carrying an excessively large child but for the most part its absolutely AMAZING. For instance you get to hold a BABY SHOWER... I am so very glad that this event does not happen often as it takes a WEEEEEEE bit of organising! BUT it was so worth the ONE HUNDRED hours of slave labour and countless you tube tutorials on how to make paper pom poms and tissue garlands! :O 

I have not been on the Gold Coast very long.. But in my year and half I have to say that I have a SOLID circle of beautiful friends and I could not have thought of a better way to celebrate the lead up to my baby's arrival then being surrounded by their gorgeous faces. It was a big ask to bring these women together as things like this can be quite awkward when your circle of friends are from all different parts of life.. Models, Mothers, Entrepreneurs, business woman, Greenies, activists, feminists, FITSPO's, Maori's Lol. But there is a reason each of them are in my life, and its not because of what they do or what square box they fit into Its because they are each individually incredible and I would not surround myself with anyone less. So to my beautiful girls who could be there with me on this special day... Thank you for blessing my life and for being apart of my babies first ever milestone. 

Thank you for all my wonderful gifts even though I asked you NOT to! I know my friends are as stubborn as me so it doesn't surprise me none of you listened. haha. I am so overwhelmed by how thoughtful you guys are! I truly appreciate it! I came home and it took me two whole days before I could actually open them all and read all my beautiful cards! You girls are honestly amazing... So thank you. 

I had planned to give you each a gift..  It was a glass jar full of sand and glitter and inside the jar is a tiny little word.. That word is a trait that I hand picked for each of you based on what you reflect most to me. Kindness, Ambition, Loyalty, Empathy, Forgiveness, Love, Appreciation, Honesty...etc. etc. I wanted you to take it home and to sprinkle a tiny little bit of sand once baby had arrived. It would be your gift to my child that was hand picked by me. It would be his trait in life, The thing that he would take off you and posses throughout his journey in this world. It would be his values and his morals. I gave V and Rose ONE job... and what did they do? He printed out repeats of the same words and Rose put the same words into the jars! LOL So the gift is pending its arrival... It would not be a true Angel gift if it was on time! :p

I had such a fabulous day! beautiful food, beautiful home, beautiful company. So much laughter and just a perfect way to welcome my little bubba into this big scary world. I know he will be just fine with such strong, compassionate, kind woman surrounding him. 

Thank you Jade for hosting my event! you offered me and my friends your beautiful home and you organised the most ridiculous and embarrassing games you could find! Lol We had so much fun! Even if I did leave with a fat complex.. Thanks girls (Uh hum Rosanna & Jenna!) :P Thank you Mum for putting up with me and running around after me and being just amazing like usual. I am the luckiest daughter in the world and if I can be half the person you are as a mother than my children will be blessed. Thank you all the girls for doing your part in making the day uber amazing, from decorating and cooking, to baby sitting my little mischiefs... And thank you for being there! I cannot ever tell you what it means to me to have you present on such a special time in my life, For making an effort to travel near and far and for just showing me how lucky I am to have you girls in our lives.