Mummy & Bubby / by angel riley photography

Two of my most precious clients came back in to get some images of just them both together. 

I love photographing a natural bond between  mummy and her baby, not only does it bring back memories of when my ones were little (& cute) Its just a really magical things to be apart of.

I have been fortunate enough to be apart of every step of Suzie's pregnancy and I can safely say I LOVE them to pieces! Ava is a doll and I cant wait to capture all her little life events!

I wont lie. It was no easy task on this particular shoot. Ava was a little angry at me.. ;) It was raining and muddy and super WINDY. We managed to make magic though despite the world working ever so slightly against us!

I hope you enjoy the images from a session dedicated to a mother's journey and bond with her new child.