In Fair Verona / by angel riley photography

There comes a time in ones life when a girl must have what she see's... it comes quite frequently to be honest, And EVERY single piece that this amazing designer creates I need in my life! There is a beautiful Gold Coast designer Jess, Her label is named In Fair Verona, her clothes are unique and beautiful, Hand stitched from gorgeous lace and magical embellishment.. the second I layed my eyes on her designs I had to shoot with them! Thankfully they have a fashion show coming up and my timing was impeccable to shoot there new catalog piece for the show! I went a little arty on these images.. I wanted to capture the dresses as if they were almost in a dream.. 

Whimsical, fantasy.. wonderland perhaps.. Hazy due.. soft hues, bright lights, all things That only add to the excitement of this fantasy collection. 

Instead of shooting the collection as one entire piece, I chose to shoot each dress with its unique effects.. I wanted to encapsulate the essences of each unique piece in its own light and detail... With that in mind I went a little crazy! ;) 

x. A