The Black Swan

I have been addicted to feathers lately.. On dress's, head pieces, bags, hats, pillow covers.. feather anything is ok with me.. and I think Barbie is partially to blame for this infatuation.. well a mix of Barbie, Ballet & swans I guess.. So my new skirts for Honey & eve arrived, a beautiful black feather skirt and I thought to myself, what better excuse could I possibly have to shoot my concept with this amazing new arrival So that I did. 

I needed a model with something special.. she has to meet a few requirements for this shoot and the second I laid eyes on Vanessa I was sold.. porcelain skin, long dark /10 hair... Beautiful figure and these amazing cat eyes.. She was everything I had dreamed when I envisioned my black swan..

I wanted two halves to my shoot.. I wanted the black swan and I want her evolution into an almost white swan.. She had to be fierce yet vulnerable, I captured exactly what I had seen when I rested within my imagination.. 

Vanessa, you are so utterly natural and stunning in front of the camera, you encapsulate everything a model should be, your face is a beautiful blank canvas that is a make-up artists dream to work on... I absolutely loved working with you and will shoot you again VERY soon! <3

x. A