A Model within

This week I was fortunate to get to shoot not only an amazing looking individual but a beautiful person who may I say... CAME PREPARED! I did not have an actual concept in mind for this shoot.. I only knew two things, That she was stunning & anything would work.. Kassi wanted something a little sexy for her first shoot, So I incorporated a little fashion/glamour to the mix and we were left with amazing images showcasing a beautiful woman! 

Would you like an outfit with your shoes? is what I should have actually named this blog! I asked Kass to bring some shoes and boy did she deliver.. about 100 pairs to choose from, and don't get me started on the matching jewelry! ;) We shot on a few locations.. and my poor darling had to bare her breasts to the world.. and even strut her stuff at a ferry terminal! :/ No complaints, just a beautiful smile and a gorgeous attitude. basically a dream. 

Kassi I am so glad that you decided to shoot with me! I hope I captured what you had envisioned and I have certainly made a new friend.. You look incredible in front of the camera and I cant wait to see your pretty face again soon. 

x. A