Project Tresspass / by angel riley photography

What a day! So many hilarious and not so hilarious things happened on our shoot/adventure. Poor Jade... And poor Mikey! hahah.. We went for a bush walk that was supposed to be just a short stroll, nek minute.. 2 hours later in 40 degree weather! hahah.. ok a little exaggeration but i'm getting old so felt like that! ;) We did a little trespassing! Jade was injured from sequins.. Mikey took his lowered sports car on a FWD track.. Oh the adventures! 

In the end we were left with some amazing images and a whole heap of memories! Mikey FINALLY got the picture of his pride and joy the Porche or Nissan.. or whatever that car was! ;) & Jade has some beautiful images that she can use to start up a career in the Modeling industry. Jade you are stunning! your natural beauty and amazing features were to die for. Your beautiful and talented and you are so comfortable in front of the lens! I look forward to many more shoots in the future! x. A