Honey and Eve Face of Summer...

For those of you who do not know me. Probably do not know that I own a boutique called Honey & Eve. It's my pride and joy. Something I had been working towards for a good part of my life. Recently I decided that I wanted to give the everyday woman a chance in the industry to do something exciting and to offer them a chance to become the face of my summer label. 

I put together a small scale competition offering 5 lucky girls a chance to have a photography shoot with me and my creative team. And those five images would then be put to a vote and a panel of judges to decide who would make Honey & Eve's first face of summer.

Things did not go quite as to plan, due to unforeseen circumstances I was left with just myself to do hair, make-up styling and photography for the four girls! Quite a MASSIVE day for one little lady.. But it turned out amazing! And I would rather do things myself and have them perfect.. Than to rely on others and have them just ok! One of my 5 finalists dropped out and I was unable to contact the next two in line so I was left with 4. So my administrator Tara Waddell & my intern Courtney Cribb came and assisted me on set. I had access to "TraeSea's Salon" In Evans head owned by the beautiful Tracey Cribb, and we shot in an amazing house by the water & on the sandy beaches of Evans Head.  

Turned out to be an entire day of shooting and prep! The girls were amazing! each are unique and beautiful in different ways. Each inspired me to shoot in a different style. I could not have asked for a better four girls. They were natural beauties, open to learning techniques and poses, did not complain & were a complete pleasure to work with! 

Te Rena, my little Maori princess, who flew all the way from New Zealand to shoot with us for the day. What a stunning face & striking features! Big green eyes, dark luscious hair. The minute she stepped through the door she made the other girls feel comfortable, a natural beauty who is blessed with not only an amazing family and support network, but with a beautiful nature, a mature mind, and an amazing spirit. 

Meagan Dennis. my Native pride. Te eyes on this girl! Absolutely breathtaking.. Every image blew my mind! She drove 9 hours, all the way from Sydney to shoot with us. I actually scouted Meagan off a website, I seen her image featured on an indigenous page and contacted her to ask her to test shoot for my label. The minute I layed eyes on this girl I knew she had something amazing! So happy to see our indigenous girls being positive role models and chasing their dreams! Such a bright future ahead. An absolute guarantee that she will make it in the industry And I cannot wait to see what her future holds! I will be watching closely! 

Ash Mcdonald, my little undercover glam model! As soon as my camera started clicking this girl came alive. She was absolutely stunning in every take, big beautiful eyes, and amazing healthy curvy body absolutely to die for! And she completely rocked my world on this shoot! I don't think she really knew what she was in for.. But I am happy she came to check it out. She reminds me of a young Kate Upton.. Absolutely oozed with sultry glam... Will work with her again in the future so watch this space! 

And lastly Laura, my little local girl.. Shy and soft spoken, polite and sweet! It was a pleasure to photograph such a young beauty. So much potential to do amazing things. Absolutely shined on the beach.. Practically glowed, a natural at this game and hope she chooses to pursue a career in the industry! Will be seeing many more exciting shoots with this beautiful girl! cant wait! :) 

So that wraps up my Honey's.. 4 amazing young lady's who are stuck in my life forever! You each brightened my day and was SO much fun shooting you all... Love you kids! ;) xx. Mumma bear A.