Cinder Slippers

I had a vision.. I wanted to re create a famous image by one of my favorite designers. Thankfully I had a willing and absolutely AH_MAY_ZING model to use!

With the image in mind I shot my darling Siena from above... She endured a good hour of kinked legs, and dead limbs so I could finally get the shot I needed. After I had wrapped up shooting the full body image I decided to take some sweet shots of sienna. She was wearing an amazing baby pink dress and I wanted the pictures to look as sweet as ice cream.. She reminded me of a modern day Cinderella, with just a hint of Marilyn Munroe. 

I left the edgy/fashion look to the side and captured her in her natural beauty. Some silly faces and a few cheeky smiles later and I had created magic.

What a beautiful way to spend a Thursday. Siena you absolutely rocked my world on this one! I hope you love your images! x. A