Mr & Mr's Smith

Ok.. So let me start this by saying this is my FIRST ever wedding! And it really is not for the faint hearted, It was in all honestly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my whole career. 

I literally walked into this like I had in on LOCK! I had a plan and I had my mental map.. UH.. NOOOO It was nothing like what I had imagined.. It was much more complex and random.. It was much more glamorous and magical.. 

I cannot count the number of times I got goose bumps.. The amount of times I stopped and took my eyes out from behind the camera and just smiled. 

There was this moment which I really have to touch on.. Kristen. I photograph beautiful women everyday. I basically eat, sleep and breath beauty. But I have NEVER seen beauty like this. Not with my own two eyes.. Not the transformation of this beauty.. I ALMOST left this wedding and gave up on ever shooting another one for the rest of my life.. the only thing that changed my mind was her. The bride. 

I started taking photos for one reason.. It was that no woman would ever stand before my lens and walk away feeling less than magnificent! It was so I could capture ALL the beautiful things that make up my clients.. The little insecurities they have and showing them that they are BEAUTIFUL.. That those little things that they find so imperfect are in fact the very things that WE see as being unique and ALLURING.. 

I was looking at this beautiful bride for hours.. and she was stunning yes.. she was getting her hair and make-up done and she was radiating.. But I remember the EXACT moment she literally took my breath away.. I honestly stopped. Lifted my head from out behind my camera. And I watched. I watched her put on this dress.. And I watched her literally transform into a super human! I had been looking at her for HOURS! how did this happen.. How did she change so much that it stopped ME in my tracks! And then I realised.. That was the moment she no longer was a beautiful woman. She was a glowing bride. Full of love and light and happiness and strength. full of certainty and trust. She was magical. 

So with that I realised that yes, Maybe these images are not perfect, Yes I could have done many things differently, NO I should not have come home and looked at the best wedding photographers in the world (straight AFTER my first ever wedding shoot), NO I should not have beaten myself up for not doing enough! I got exactly what I needed! I caught the magic, the happiness, the love and the beauty! Her radiance made me realise that weddings ARE my thing! I can honestly look back at this event and know that I captured this heavenly day and I am proud to have been apart of the memory. <3