Dreamer / by angel riley photography

My session with a very dear friend of mine had originally been for the make-up.. I knew that I wanted dark smokey eyes.. covering the entire lid.. very dreamy and hard but with soft edges.. she has these amazing green eyes so I wanted to make them the one and only focal point of her whole face.. 

I wanted soft flowing dress.. or a scarf that would blow in the wind.. was thinking about doing something alternative and a little dark.. Emily is the opposite of dark, she has this beautiful light and energy, and asking her not to smile is almost impossible..almost.

So I ended up shooting this series in a different light, with a different feel from my usual soft, glowing subjects. I took this shoot to a different level and wanted it to be mysterious and dreamy.

Emily was amazing to photograph, she knew exactly what I wanted whenever I asked.. And she is utterly stunning.

I love her.