Tree of Life...

Today I was lucky enough to shoot one of my friends amazing new tattoo.. The second I laid eyes on her beautiful back piece I knew what I wanted to do with it.. I wanted to capture the essence of the dream catcher, Soft, moody, sensual, I explained briefly what I had in mind and in seconds Shai knew exactly what I wanted. 

Sometimes you are lucky enough to photograph someone who truly gets what who you are as an artist, When I was doing her make-up there was no question or suggestion she just let me do my thing, put her entire trust into me that I would know what to do and that I would give her something amazing..

I had an idea about shooting bare back on the wharf.. quite a busy wharf it happened to be.. but Shai willingly laid on a fish ridden wharf and got her kit off so I could capture the shot I had in mind.. she is truly a pleasure to photograph, and if she was not so pint sized I am certain she would be gracing the pages of vogue.  

x. A