The launch of AR photography..

Today Is the third and last day of my attempt..and finally SUCCESS in creating my first ever website!!! >.< EEEEPPPP I thought it appropriate to create a blog not about photography but instead about my hurdles in creating my VERY own website... 

What did I learn? THAT WEBSITES ARE NOT EASY.. and certainly not fun.. but in contrary to that.. when you create your own website and don't give into the temptation of hiring an E-commerce genius.. for a quite hefty fee may I just add... the feeling is exquisite... quite like being in love actually... a complete feeling of floating on the clouds.. utter satisfaction at your new found love.. I love my new baby... and as sure as I am that I will probably hate this layout in a few months time.. I am sure I will always be proud. 

x. A

The life of a web&nbsp;genius.. heheh

The life of a web genius.. heheh